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我们希望您能在安大略国际机场获得轻松愉快的体验。我们的旅客服务宗旨是欢迎您体验安大略国际机场并且我们将在整个机场旅途中全程为您服务。从供水站、宠物厕所和个人防护用品 (PPE) 自动售货机到残障人士服务、失物招领处和专用哺乳室,我们能为您提供全方位服务,保证无忧旅行。了解以下安大略国际机场服务,安心乘机。


From start to finish, we believe in making sure your journey through our airport – no matter the reason – is an experience you won’t soon forget.

We are known as Ontario Airport Customer Experience Specialists (OACES) and better known as the “5 senses” of ONT. If you can see it, touch it, smell it, taste it, or hear it in our airport – we care about it being the best it can be. We’re the boots on the ground making sure that the next time you travel, you choose us.

We work hard to spot things, big and small, that could potentially take away from the beauty of our airport and ultimately your overall experience. It’s our mission to ensure you can’t wait to see us again for your next trip in or out of Southern California.


请留意 ONT 机场自有的注册治疗犬:ONT 动物小分队 (ONT Paw Squad)。您可以从它们的青色围巾和摇头摆尾的姿态辨认出这些友善的小狗。The ONT Paw Squad's mission is to put a smile on your face, bring joy to your day, and ease any travel anxiety or fear.


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行政办公室 (909) 544-5378
机场信息 2 号航站楼 (909) 544-5458
机场信息 4 号航站楼 (909) 544-5459
安大略国际机场服务时间 09:00 至 21:00



志愿者在 2 号和 4 号航站楼的欢迎/信息中心开展服务,为旅客指示方向并提供信息和友好协助。志愿者每周在机场至少完成一次四小时的轮班。

Download an application or call (909) 544-5378 to request one.

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